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The tax advantages of real estate are HUGE!  In fact, saving money on taxes is a big reason that so many people gravitate to real estate investing in the first place. But most real estate investors are not taking advantage of some of the most powerful tax reduction strategies available to them. Would you like to keep massive cashflow in your pocket instead of paying it to Uncle Sam?

Whether you own commercial property or residential rentals, you may be able to dramatically reduce your tax liability and increase your cash flow by taking advantage of cost segregation and bonus depreciation strategies

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In this webinar, acclaimed real estate tax strategist Yonah Weiss will reveal one of the greatest rules in the entire tax code for real estate investors. He’ll show you why this is such a powerful approach and how to implement this strategy to maximize your deductions.

This works for various types of properties, new or old, including:

Office buildings

Apartment buildings


Medical centers

Manufacturing and industrial facilities

And more…

Benefits of using these techniques include:

Significantly increasing your cash flow, especially in year one

Accelerating tax write-offs on your property

Receiving the maximum tax deductions while staying compliant to the tax code

Growing your money tax deferred, to have more of your money to reinvest in your business or new properties

Reclaiming capital expenditures

Reclaiming your past depreciation deductions

You may be immediately eligible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in first-year tax benefits! With less taxable income, you can have more cash flow. It’s not about what you make–it’s about what you keep. Afterall, cash flow is king.

Join us for this critical information and STOP overpaying your taxes!

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Can’t attend the on-demand webinar? Don’t worry! Just sign up so you will get the replay the day after the live presentation via email.

Meet Your PresenteR AND HOST


Business Director,
Madison SPECS

Our guest speaker, Yonah Weiss, is a powerhouse with property owners’ tax savings.

As Business Director at Madison SPECS, a national Cost Segregation leader, he has assisted clients in saving tens of millions of dollars on taxes through cost segregation and has been a guest on over 100 of the top real estate podcasts on the subject. As host of the new podcast Weiss Advice, Yonah speaks to some of the best minds in Real Estate, Business and Beyond, to learn how anyone can succeed in life.

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Here’s What Investors Have To Say About Our Webinars:

We are always looking for vendors who add value to our investors’ bottom line. Cost Segregation is one of those things you wish took care of itself, but Madison SPECS made the process so easy it seems like it did. They had a quick turn around, and were very responsive. Great firm. Great people. Great Service.


Brian Burke, CEO, Praxis Capital


Yonah is a breath of fresh air – genuine, friendly, welcoming. He is an amazing connector and adds value at every corner. And his depth of knowledge in his subject matter is second to none. He is always looking to help others and provide solutions that will help them achieve their goals.


Tamar Mar

“Thank you Neal. Mind blowing stuff as always! Not to mention, gripping! Look forward to the recording of that and the slides! Couldn’t take notes fast enough.”

Ryan A

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