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Is Coronavirus the Tipping Point for our Banking System

and How Will it Affect Real Estate?

Wednesday August 26
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If you are a real estate or stock market investor, an amateur economist or simply someone worried about what the heck is going on in our financial system, come to this entertaining, thought provoking and eye opening presentation. Packed with videos, infographics, charts, commentary from financial industry big-wigs, this presentation is not one that can be easily forgotten. You will never look at money and the banking system the same again!

What Really Drives The Price Of Real Estate And Stocks?

The Factors Behind Why The Entire World Is At Debt's Mercy

The Impact On The Average American Investor


How Two Possible Scenarios Affect Real Estate

What You Will Learn In This Live Webinar

Have finance, banking, and COVID-19 pushed us to the brink of a total economic meltdown?
Why today’s world would be “Unthinkable” just four short years ago
How the largest economic experiment in the world’s history started in 2008, and is now getting close to a tipping point. This experiment has always failed. Will it succeed this time?
Why the king of bonds Bill Gross says that a $10 Trillion supernova is waiting to explode
Are global currencies in a ‘race to the bottom’?
How the $4+ trillion COVID-19 stimulus packages are pouring gasoline on an already raging fire
Why central banks are getting more and more desperate, but being less and less effective
Could we end up with deflation or hyperinflation?
What should you be buying – cash, bonds, stocks, gold or real estate?
Founder and CEO
Grocapitus Investments
Multifamily University
Founder and CEO at Grocapitus Investments, a commercial real estate investment company. Neal sources, negotiates and acquires commercial properties across the U.S.
Nearly 4,000 students attend his multifamily seminar series each year and hundreds attend his Apartment Magic Bootcamp

Co-founder of the largest Multifamily Investing MeetUp network in the U.S.

Accomplished single family and multifamily investor.

Active and passive investor in multifamily and commercial syndications in TX, NC, KS, OH, NV, UT, FL and IL. 

Taught Fundamentals of Multifamily investing, Real Estate Trends and Deal Analysis to 2000+ students, including investors from three different IRA companies.

Raised tens of millions of dollars to buy student housing and multifamily projects.

Sought after speaker at Multifamily events, IRA events & MeetUps across the country.

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“Out of all the gurus info secession I have been to Neal has given the best info. If I could have been to just one seminar it would be Neal info pack. Neal has a lot of great info and breaks thing down great. Neal will now be the only investor I will follow.”


Jim Hopson

“Neal is highly intelligent, he’s a great public speaker, and simply one of a kind. I have brought my friends and they have been blown away by some of the things that they have learned. I’m looking forward to many more of your upcoming meetups.”


Violet Sinclaire

“Whether your a passive investor or want to learn how, this is the program to follow. I have been to several events with different topics and never been disappointed in the new no fluff presentations. Thanks you Neal and team.”

Nick Haus

Free Online Training

Is Coronavirus the Tipping Point for our Banking System

and How Will it Affect Real Estate?

Wednesday August 26
7 PM PT · 8 PM MT · 9 PM CT · 10 PM ET


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