10X Your Business Using My Foolproof Virtual Assistant System

Get more done while maximizing your free time

Watch Over My Shoulder And Discover How You Can Have A Virtual Army That Grows Your BusineSs Faster And Makes Your Life Easier

Every Step Of My Insanely Easy To Implement System For Creating An Army Of Amazing Virtual Assistants

Where You Can Find The Best Virtual Assistants (The Actual Sites I Use) And My Criteria For Filtering To Avoid Bad Hires

Demo After Demo, System After System, And Process After Process For Creating Explosive Growth In Your Business

How To Use VAs To Free Up Personal Time For Your Family (My VAs Plan 5 Exotic Vacations A Year For My Family!!)

I am known nationwide for my magical army of virtual assistants. An army that puts in over 45,000 hours a year into my business and personal life.

People ask me, “45,000 hours a year is an insane amount? What do these virtual assistants do all year?”

My answer is “What don’t they do?” Name a department and VAs are all over it — operations, sales, marketing, accounting, investor lead generation, investor management, tenant lead generation, tenant lead processing, delinquency management, human resources, property management audits, renewal management, reputation management. And these are just a few ways I am turbocharging my business with the use of virtual assistants.

What You Will Learn In This Live Webinar

RECRUITMENT – How to recruit the best virtual assistants in the world

SALARIES – How much to pay them – initial salaries, raises, bonuses

ACCOUNTABILITY – How to ensure that every single minute they spend is productive working on your tasks and projects

TIME TRACKING – How to track their time and rank them in terms of productivity

COMMUNICATION – How to communicate with them in real-time

TASK ASSIGNMENT – How to assign tasks and projects to them using 2 min videos

TASK COMPLETION – How to ensure they complete tasks and projects on time

CHALLENGES – What major issues you will face, including absenteeism and tardiness

LEAD GENERATION – How the virtual army is generating 30,000 tenant leads for my portfolio

LEAD PROCESSING – How the virtual army is processing leads to set thousands of tenant prospect appointments

Give yourself the gift of time and effortless scaling. Join me for this life-changing presentation, I guarantee your business will never be the same.
Founder and CEO
Grocapitus Investments
Multifamily University
Founder and CEO at Grocapitus Investments, a commercial real estate investment company. Neal sources, negotiates and acquires commercial properties across the U.S.
Nearly 4,000 students attend his multifamily seminar series each year and hundreds attend his Apartment Magic Bootcamp

Co-founder of the largest Multifamily Investing MeetUp network in the U.S.

Accomplished single family and multifamily investor.

Active and passive investor in multifamily and commercial syndications in TX, NC, KS, OH, NV, UT, FL and IL. 

Taught Fundamentals of Multifamily investing, Real Estate Trends and Deal Analysis to 2000+ students, including investors from three different IRA companies.

Raised tens of millions of dollars to buy student housing and multifamily projects.

Sought after speaker at Multifamily events, IRA events & MeetUps across the country.


“I attended Neal’s 10x Your Business Webinar and it was amazing! I love how Neal focuses on adding tremendous amount of value and real practical examples in a no fluff setting.

I walked away with actionable items and recently used Neal’s suggestions to hire someone on Upwork to help with some Excel modelling. I visited another webinar on a similar topic and that group was charging several thousand dollars to connect you with VAs that Neal clearly shows you how to do for free.

I have always been inspired by how Neal manages his business, his pursuit to excellence and how is able to stay on top of so much data and business interests. Keep it up!”


Ryan Christopher Nunes

“Out of all the gurus info secession I have been to Neal has given the best info. If I could have been to just one seminar it would be Neal’s. He has a lot of great info and breaks thing down great. Neal will now be the only investor I will follow.


Jim Hopson

“There are countless aha moments and golden nuggets of actionable information in Neal’s virtual assistant  presentation. Now I know how to fix the issues I’ve had in the past when I tried to outsource.

The systems and tips and tricks Neal shares in this training are outstanding. Even though it was free training, I don’t feel like I need anything else to be able to hire rock star virtual assistants.” 

Kim Taylor


Equity invested in Neal's real estate projects by 478 investors

Location Magic students

+ Active community members in our multifamily Meetup's


10X Your Business Using My Foolproof Virtual Assistant System

Get more done while maximizing your free time



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