Raising Money Summit

Oct 3-4, Denver CO

MFIN Conference

Oct 5, Boston, MA

Bigger Pockets 2019

Oct 6-8, Nashville, TN

Opportunity Zone Expo

Oct 10, Houston, TX

Raising Money Summit

Thurs & Fri October 3-4, Denver, CO

Come see Neal’s presentation on the 4th!

The Raising Money Summit is a gathering of 300+ real estate investors for a high level networking event featuring top Real Estate Wholesalers, Flippers, Multifamily Syndicators, Private Lenders and Note Investors from around the country!

At this summit, you will learn the real secrets to raising millions of dollars to fund your deals and tactical strategies so you can go out and close more deals in less time.

You’ll learn how to become an authority in your niche and come away with specific strategiesyou can implement immediately. We will show you proven methods the professionals use to create win-win deals & partnerships.

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MFIN Conference

Sat Oct 5, Boston, MA

See Neal’s presentation at 11:15

How do Multifamily experts consistently double investor money in 5 years? Their big secret is that they know how to pick the right city and the right neighborhood at the right time. This workshop will convert anyone that follows the simple steps into an expert on ANY city or ANY neighborhood in the U.S.

The MFIN conference is a great place to meet other like-minded investors and vendors to expand your networ. It is also a great forum to ask questions and receive feedback from others in a pitch-free, learning-centered environment.

Escape the status quo and learn how to reach financial freedom through multifamily investing.

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Bigger Pockets 2019

Sun – Tues Oct 6-8, Nashville, TN

See Anna’s presentation Tuesday at 11

Opportunity Zones (OZ) have the potential to create unprecedented tax-advantaged wealth for real estate investors, but you MUST understand the potential risks. With the advent of OZ funds, there is an even larger upside to commercial real estate investing, plus the possibility to significantly reduce or fully eliminate capital gains taxes.

Investors of all kinds are catching on to the power of OZ, but few enthusiasts are mentioning the traps waiting for those who don’t do their homework when selecting properties.

Apartment Magic Bootcamp

Acclaimed, no-fluff, no upsell, step-by-step multifamily cash flow system


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