Top Multifamily Markets in the US with Neal Bawa

Listen to Neal's most recent podcast guesting, an interview with John Casmon  of Target Market Insights.Looking to find the top multifamily markets to invest in today? Then you’ll want to hear what Neal Bawa has to say. Neal is known as The Mad Scientist of...

The Problem With Big Bubbles

“The United States is not building enough housing to meet demand. The current annual rate of construction is about 370,000 units below the level required by long-term housing demand. And after years of low levels of building, a significant shortfall has developed,...

Multifamily Data Science and Optimization

Listen to Anna’s most recent podcast guesting, an interview with Bill Manassero of Old Dawg's REI Network Podcast.From single mom to technology expert to professional photographer to multifamily syndicator,  Anna Myers, VP at Grocapitus Investments, has overcome the...

Ways To Increase Revenue From Your Multifamily Leases

Listen to Neal’s most recent podcast guesting, an interview with Jonathan Twombly of  Real Estate LaunchpadFounder of Grocapitus Investments and MultifamilyU, Neal Bawa, joins Jonathan on this episode of Real Estate Launchpad. Have you ever wanted to know how to...

Beware Of Garbage Opportunity Zone Projects

Of all the risks associated with Opportunity Zone investing, perhaps the most pernicious is the influx of what I call “garbage projects” into the marketplace. Discover how to spot garbage
projects and the 5 key areas I evaluate for all of my own projects…

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