This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Matt Shields of Pass the Secret Sauce

How to Find the Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate with Neal Bawa

by Neal Bawa | Pass the Secret Sauce

In this episode we discuss:

Why he did not have entrepreneurial ideas when he was younger and taking a risk in creating businesses as he got older [5:15]

Catching the real estate investing bug [9:35]

How Neal uses technology and data to 10x his real estate investments [11:04]

Answering the question “What are the best cities in America to invest in and what are the best neighborhoods in those cities?” [18:20]

Factors that make a real estate market good to invest in – what makes them the best cities to invest in real estate [20:12]

Leveraging virtual assistants to 10X business [27:04]

How this black swan event (COVID19) is more transformative than world war 2 [30:45]

How Neal is investing in the time of COVID19 [34:03]

How to learn more about Neal [37:50]


Quotable Quotes

Everyone should have some phase in their life where there is financial stress. Because I think that it truly builds character.

The stress creates more opportunities than boom times.