How Blockchain Will Disrupt Real Estate with Neal Bawa

May 9, 2022

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting Neal Bawa is hosted by Keith Weinhold of Get Rich Education.

The mad scientist of multifamily is here today.

Neal Bawa is a data scientist. He keeps emotion out of real estate for investors in his $947M portfolio.

He believes that higher mortgage interest rates are a smaller obstacle than the Fed’s currency creation and destruction. He says: “Accept the risk.”

We discuss investor confirmation bias.

Neal thinks American cash flow will keep diminishing.

Of all emerging trends, Neal believes that the work-from-home trend is among the most substantial.

Learn more about Neal at or by searching “Neal Bawa”.

The blockchain is a digital ledger. It allows everyone to access information publicly and securely. It allows for the democratization of information.

Blockchain looks to disrupt the real estate title industry. Exorbitant title insurance fees could go extinct.

Tokenization is easier with blockchain. This means that you can sell real estate shares without friction.

Institutional investors are poised to own more of the real estate market, taking share from mom-and-pop operators.